Notice of Approach: 

Notice of Approach is completed outside of WGS. 

Notice of Approach is applied if both clubs have teams on the same day of the week for which the player is eligible to play (e.g. the player could play for a team in each club on a Saturday, or a team in each club on a Sunday, or a team in each club in Midweek).

A notice of approach is served to the existing club, and you cannot contact the player for the next seven days.

Once the Notice of Approach has been served, the transferred to club has to wait seven days for it to expire, unless the served club chooses to Waive the notice of approach (i.e. confirm they are granting permission for the transferred to club to approach the player). If the Notice of Approach is not waived, the transferred to club will have to wait the seven days before they can approach the club. They cannot be prevented from approaching the player, but may have to wait seven days. 

Confirming Notice of Approach has been followed:

In the player registration tab, click the "search for player" button and search for the player you wish to add to you club using first and last name or FAN and date of birth. Click "add player" to initiate the notice of approach. If the player has not given their consent to play for another club that plays on the same day - the NoA pop up will not show. 

You will then get a pop up informing you that any NoA should be completed outside of WGS. Tick the box to confirm you have read and understood the rules and procedures around NoA and click "add player"

The player will then be attached to the new club. 



Initiating a transfer/dual registration:

Once the player is added to your club, to initiate a transfer or dual registration select the player and click “Assign to Teams”


The player must have consent given before you assign the player to the team.


If the player is correctly registered elsewhere within the league, you will have a warning. This warning will explain that a transfer or dual registration will be initiated if you assign the player to that team.

If you find that there is no warning message, no transfer will be initiated.

Select the team you wish to add the player too and click “Add Players to selected Teams”. This will then notify the league. This will also show the player as “pending transfer decision” while the league decide if it’s a dual registration or transfer.


Initiating Club:

If you are the initiating club, your new player will either be accepted or rejected by the league.

This will either show as rejected or accepted. If the the transfer is accepted, their registration will show as Accepted in the "players box" If the player is rejected, you will receive a notification. You will then need to login to WGS to see why the player has been rejected. The reason for the league rejection will show on the registration status within the transfer box.


Served Club:

If you are the served club, you will be notified by WGS once the league decide it is a transfer. You will then have 3 days to object to the transfer by logging onto WGS. This will then go to the league which they will then make a decision.