There is the potential for lots of people to access the FA Events Platform at any one time, and this includes both applicants and county staff.



If you’re part of a County FA, click ‘Switch to County FA view’ underneath the list of roles which will take you a County FA version of the Events Platform after logging in. This option won't be visible if you are just an applicant who wishes to set up a centre.

In the County FA view, you can view the applications that have been submitted or are still in progress from centres in your county. By flicking between the 'Under Review', 'Approved' and 'Rejected' tabs at the top, you can see what centres fall into what category in your county.

Centres in the 'Under Review' tab need action taken by you, the county staff, because the organiser of that centre has submitted their application to you to look at. Simply click on their application to view it. Meanwhile, centres which have been placed into the 'Approved' and 'Rejected' tabs have been confirmed so by you.

For example, by clicking into an 'Under Review' application, County FA staff have the ability to 'Add Comment' to any particular section of the application that they perhaps want more information on. Just press the button and type your message which will then go back through to the applicant when you send the application back to them.

County staff can then approve, reject or send the application back to the applicant for clarification at the bottom of someone's application page.