Of course, there will be a time where a participant will turn up at a session and they haven't pre-booked on the FA Events Engine.

We're sure you won’t want to turn anyone away, so just get them to log in or create an account on the FA Events Platform and then you can share the session with them via the session's URL link. The participant can click this link, book on, and get playing as quickly as possible.


To start with, as the organiser, go onto the Events Platform and click on the session you’re running by going to your 'Sessions' tab on the main landing page. You may have to filter between 'Upcoming Sessions' and 'Past Sessions' here depending on the time the organiser is trying to book the participant onto a session.


Once you have clicked into the necessary session that the participant needs to get booked onto, you can share the event and session by either using the 'Details' tab or the 'Participants' tab. The same URL link to that particular session will be available on both pages.

There will be a blue box with the specific URL link for that event and session on both tabs. The link in the box can be shared using any of the social sharing buttons - Twitter, Facebook, Email and What's App. Send or share this link to the participant so they can book onto the session.

Share this link with any participants (or with parents/guardians of those participants under the age of 16) not currently booked onto the session so that the individual can log in and book onto it - as well as any future sessions - in one process. You can easily mark that person as attended going forward.