It's vitally important that you mark down who has attended your sessions using the FA Events Platform. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that a certain number of players came and enjoyed some football, and it gives us the chance to use the simple data that you have captured and analyse trends of participation in football programmes across the country!

To mark someone down as attended or not attended on the FA Events Platform, the process could not be any easier. It's a quick and easy tick or a cross and that's it.

You can record attendance for a session at its start, when it’s finished, and up to seven days after it has taken place. The system will also give you a reminder in red text of when you can still take attendance if you haven't yet done so for a session before the seven day limit expires. Once seven days have passed, attendance will not be able to be recorded for that session and this missed data will not be able to be gained back. The data will save and then you can crack on with planning that next session.

This video shows you how it's done:


There are two ways to get to the registers part of the FA Events Platform.

The first way is to go straight to the 'Sessions' tab on the main landing page instead of pressing 'Events', as shown in the video above. It would then bring up all the future sessions for the events you have created which you can filter into 'Upcoming Sessions', 'Past Sessions' and 'Cancelled Sessions' - and this method might be more handy for someone who only has one event as opposed to two or three.

Click the session you want to take attendance for, and then using the 'Participants' tab, mark the attendance using the tick and cross selection options next to each participant to mark if they turned up to the session or not.

The 'Session Participant List' includes those who have booked onto this session specifically, whilst the 'Overall Participant List' includes everyone who has booked onto a previous session within this event, but not specifically this session. Do not confuse the two as this may impact your data.

Once marked, the attendance will save itself on the FA Events Platform. This is a key part of the process of running your centre, and likewise informs the County FA and the FA of the data you are collecting, so we would encourage everyone to record attendance on the day of the event, post-event or the following day. Remember the seven-day limit!


The second way is via the following method and includes a bit more detail:

To begin with, click on the 'Events' tab and choose the event with the sessions in it that you need to take the attendance for.

Then, head to the 'Sessions' tab and click that drop-down arrow to the right of a session you want to take the attendance for. Here, depending on the time of your sessions, you will have to select between 'Upcoming Sessions' and 'Past Sessions' as bookings can become either open and closed. In the 'Past Sessions' sub-tab, all sessions will show 'Booking Closed'.

The image above is an example of what the red text reminder looks like for a session in which you need to take attendance for before the seven-day limit expires.

Taking the session displayed on the 'Upcoming Sessions' list, you will notice the first one says 'Booking Closed'. This means that no participants can book onto the session now, but the organiser can still take the attendance within seven days of the session finishing. Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the session to bring up the session information.

Once the arrow has been pressed, scroll down until you reach the 'Session Participation List' and 'Overall Participation List'. When attendance is able to be taken, a tick and a cross is displayed next to each participant - so just tick if a participant turned up and cross if they didn't.

Make sure you take the correct attendance for the session only. Those in the 'Overall Participant List' underneath the 'Session Participant List' may have not booked onto this session directly and marking them as attended if they didn't turn up may affect your data. Only people in the 'Session Participation List' booked on to this session itself, whereas people in the 'Overall Participant List' have booked onto other previous sessions that have occurred within the event.

Going back to the screen that was previously shown earlier in this article and looking at the second session - instead of it showing as 'Booking Closed' like the first one - this session underneath says 'Booking Open'. This means that participants can still book onto this session. It is still in the 'Upcoming Sessions' tab and the session is still yet to occur, so registers cannot be taken here.

You will be able to tell that registers can't be taken by clicking the drop-down arrow and finding the 'Session Participation List' and 'Overall Participant List' further down the session information page. You will see here that there are no ticks and crosses next to participants' names.

As previously mentioned, any sessions that are in the 'Past Sessions' sub-tab will all show 'Booking Closed'. This is where you might find attendance-taking easier if you tend to record your attendances after sessions have finished. They will display like this below and you mark it in the same way as the above - by clicking the drop-down arrow followed by ticking and crossing: