Hopefully, lots of participants are going to book onto your weekly football sessions so you can have the best event possible. But, you need to be aware of anything they may want or certain things that they require - whether that be before, during, or after a session. Therefore, you have the ability to view various details about the people coming to your sessions and appropriately accommodate for their needs.

You can view your participant list and the number of people who have booked onto a particular session by firstly heading to your chosen event from the main landing page. You can also go straight to the 'Sessions' tab on the main landing page instead of clicking 'Events' if you wanted to, and this would bring up a list of upcoming sessions for your event(s).

When you have chosen the event you want to look at, you can switch from the 'Details' tab to the 'Sessions' tab. Then, depending on what participant list for a session you want to look at, you can either select 'All', 'Upcoming Sessions', 'Past Sessions' or 'Cancelled Sessions'. The image below is currently filtered to 'Upcoming Sessions'.

Choose whichever sub-tab you need to look at, and then pick a session by choosing the drop-down arrow to the right. When you hit this arrow, the session's information will expand underneath, and include a section which gives you a session list and an overall participant list telling you have many people have booked onto this session and how many people have attended sessions before. You can search for a particular participant's details if you have a long list of people booked on your session!

As it also says in the image above, you can view vital information about each participant - such as any medical or accessibility details that might be important and that they might to use before, during or after a session. If you click on the red medical box next to a participant's name, that information will be displayed in addition to the emergency contact details for that person. Parents/guardians will be able to fill this in on a youth's behalf when booking onto sessions if they are under 16.

Once you have viewed any medical details and got back to the session and participant list, scroll down on the session information expansion where you will see four option boxes. The first one should be 'All Participant Details', and if you click here, it will give you a printable version of the above just in case you need to take the details offline.

Please take into consideration the very top line of the printable sheet as this is private and confidential information that only needs to be known and applied to the sessions.