By now, you should have created an event and in doing so, you would have created weekly football sessions for participants to book onto via the Find Football Near You search tool on

The number of weekly sessions would have been determined by the programme you applied for in your original application, which is 16 weeks for Wildcats, 32 weeks for Just Play, and 12 weeks for Just Play For Students.

Now, if you want to do more than that number of sessions, you can add sessions to your event.

Firstly, click into the event you want to add a session to on the FA Events Platform from the main landing screen, ensuring you have selected 'Upcoming Events' at the top.

When you have chosen an event to add a session to, you will be taken to the page below which shows your event details and contact information of the event you had previously created. This is the page you would come to if you needed to edit the event as a whole.

Instead of being on the 'Details' section, switch to the 'Sessions' tab instead where a list of all sessions associated to this event will appear - split into 'All', 'Upcoming', 'Past', and 'Cancelled' sessions.

By going into the 'Upcoming Sessions' tab, not only will you easily see the future sessions for your event in a date-ordered list, but you will see the 'Add A New Session' option - and guess what? This is what you press to add a new session. Click it and follow the steps through, and then the newly created session will appear on the 'Upcoming Sessions' list when you have saved and exited.

The process of adding a new session is exactly the same as when first creating your event, so much of the data will again pull through from your application form along with the same style of data input. If things need to be different in this new session(s), you will have to go back to your application and make the changes in there before being able to see them here - or you can create a one-off session.