Your original application form and all the answers you filled in when first applying for a FA programme can be looked at, submitted and edited if necessary - all in one place on the FA Events Platform.


To view all your applications to run events – whether the application is currently saved, submitted, approved or rejected – log in to and click on ‘My Applications’.

When you click on 'My Applications', it will take you to the page below where you will automatically land on the 'In Progress' tab:

You can easily flick to any of the three tabs to the right of the 'In Progress' tab and the FA Events Platform will show you any applications in a list below that are currently in a 'Submitted', 'Approved' or 'Rejected' state.

Underneath those main tabs are three sub-tabs, signalling whether the programme is Wildcats, Just Play and Just Play For Students. Whichever one is selected in dark blue will also show the necessary applications for that particular programme only. The example above shows two 'In Progress' Wildcats applications. Again, simply click on any of the tabs to show what you would like to view.

The 'Home' button to the left of the 'In Progress' tab will take you back to the screen shown at the top of this page, where you can select events and sessions.