For anyone new to the platform (or even people who have used it before!), some of the wording around what's what exactly may confuse you at first.

Below are the definitions of a few of the most prominent words used throughout the FA Events Platform, which can give the clarification you need to understand what you may be creating or attending by using the system.

CENTRE - A centre is the name of the organisation you have applied for and are managing as a whole. The centre could be associated with the name of the venue it's held at or something you have named the centre as yourself.

SESSION - A session is an individual date and time when an activity takes place. This is usually done weekly and can take place wherever it is specified in an application.

APPLICATION - An application is what you fill out to become a centre. You do this by outlining your details and all the information necessary for future sessions before having the application reviewed and approved by your County FA.

EVENT - An event is something you create which includes a group of sessions that take place at an approved centre. Sessions are done within an event period of 16 weeks for Wildcats, 32 weeks for Just Play and 12 weeks for Just Play For Students, and must meet the other criteria outlined for either of these programmes.

VENUE - A venue is the location of the activity and where it will take place. This could be at a school, a leisure centre or a recreation ground.

EVENTS PLATFORM - The FA Events Platform, sometimes referred to as the Events Engine or Events Portal, is where you go to look at, access, and edit various features for all of your approved applications, events and sessions. This is also a place for taking attendance, viewing participant data, and updating sessions with the latest information.