There is the potential for lots of people to access the FA Events Platform at any one time, and this includes both applicants and county staff.



On the left-hand side of the landing-page screen after logging in is a section called ‘Your Role’. This shows you the various roles for the session(s) you’ve created. You can tick/un-tick the roles you are/are not undertaking which will filter the results for you. For example, you could choose to only see sessions where you are a player or a coach here.

All staff listed and approved on your Wildcats, Just Play or FA Fives application can log in and access the FA Events Platform. For example, this could be staff such as coaches, volunteers and designated safeguarding officers (DSOs). 

Once logged in, they can access all the platform’s functionalities. These include: 

  • Amending events
  • Amending individual sessions
  • Amending applications
  • Recording attendance
  • Viewing participants’ details (including medical information and emergency contacts)
  • Messaging booked-in participants